Help your team stop wasting time, energy, and money.

Book Laura for training workshops that are informative, full of practical solutions, and actually stick.


You don't need someone to teach you how to use software, you can find that training on YouTube.

What you actually need is someone to teach you why you should use it in a specific way (your unique business needs), to help your teams and leaders become more productive and efficient.

Most of the training programs available today relate to digital organizing and productivity, what Laura refers to as the “invisible” forms of clutter that steal your time.
The premise for many of these programs are tackled in Laura's book: Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Your Productivity.

But what about the visible forms of clutter in your office or home that leave you paralyzed with no idea where to start? Using Laura's proven 10-Step methodology documented in her bestselling book: Eliminate Chaos: The 10-Step Process to Organize Your Home & Life, she makes it simple for you to understand what’s holding you back, the mistakes you can avoid in the future, and why this process will work for you at the office or any area of your home.

Laura is much more than a software trainer.

When you hire her for your training, your teams will receive:

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Actionable tools. Down-to-earth, real-life examples you can integrate into your workday immediately.

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Proven experience. First-hand knowledge from someone who’s written multiple books on digital organization for Microsoft® Outlook® and OneNote - specifically on the elements you likely won't find in other books or training programs. She often uses her own books as in-session guides.

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Customized problem-solving. Because of her unique background in business process consulting and information systems, Laura is able to quickly pinpoint solutions for any problem you’re trying to solve.

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Expert guidance. You’ll learn from Laura’s 25+ years of experience training professionals and executives on productivity and organization. Dubbed by her industry as the “Queen of Outlook” you’ll benefit from her ability to see the big picture for your organization and her knowledge of “digital organizing,” a revolutionary concept she introduced in 2001.

Make your technology work for you.

Practical, inspirational, and empowering presentations to help focus on what matters most.

Time Saving Techniques Using Microsoft® Outlook®
Increase Your Productivity Using Microsoft® Outlook®
10 Tactics for Improving Follow Up and Closing a Sale Using Microsoft® Outlook®

Program Description:

Imagine getting MORE accomplished in LESS time, with LESS stress.

Email is a helpful and necessary tool in today’s workplace; however it can be time-consuming to manage. When you don’t have a good system in place to process and maintain it, your inbox can quickly grow out of control.

Same with Outlook. You use Outlook daily to communicate with your customers and manage your day – but are you using the program’s features as effectively as you could be?

Laura’s techniques are here to save the day (and your headspace!). They’ll make you more productive and help you save time, guaranteed.

With a few small tweaks, you could save an extra hour a week or more. Just think of what you could do with that time!

This program will leave you inspired to go back to your office and implement Laura’s realistic, time-saving techniques. You just might find yourself saying, “Wow, I didn’t know I could do that!”

These programs are based on Laura’s book:
Time Saving Techniques Using Microsoft® Outlook®

You'll learn:*

  • How to create an organized inbox filing structure to quickly retrieve information
  • A process for the four actions you can apply to any e-mail
  • Making time to manage e-mail
  • Configuring your inbox to easily read and process e-mail by adding and removing columns of data
  • Maintaining a follow-up system for e-mail
  • When to pick up the phone instead of writing one more e-mail
  • Composing a compelling and descriptive subject line
  • Composing a well-organized e-mail to boost response rates
  • How to create and use email templates (guaranteed to save you hours each month!)
  • How to use e-mail Quick Parts (guaranteed to save time each day)
  • How to "mark your comments" automatically with your name in an email response – a little known feature you can turn on and customize in under 2 minutes
  • How to flag e-mail for follow up so you never miss an important deadline
  • How to use Quick Steps for repeatable actions used multiple times a day on e-mail
  • How to use the “Save Sent Item To” feature to automatically organize and save e-mails about a particular client or sale – so it doesn’t all live in the “Sent” folder
  • How to delay the delivery of an e-mail once it’s written
  • How to insert a hyperlink, instead of the long, ugly URL
  • How to change the subject line for an e-mail you file into a folder
  • How to direct replies to an e-mail you send to someone else
  • Configuring “Automatic Replies” to automatically respond to incoming e-mail
  • Methods for sorting e-mails for cleanup and organization
  • How to e-mail contacts as part of a “category” rather than creating a distribution list
  • Creating, editing and removing e-mail signatures that include graphics and hyperlinks to websites
  • Using e-mail delivery options such as voting options, requesting a delivery and/or read receipt
  • Recalling an e-mail you didn’t intend to send
  • When to save attachments to a server, computer, public folder, or leave in your inbox
  • Marking e-mail “read” or “unread,” and why you want to do this
  • When to use “reply” vs. “reply all”
  • Proper use of the “TO” “CC” and “BCC” fields and how to move an e-mail address from one field to another
  • Creating rules to filter e-mail
  • Several little known -calendar techniques for organizing and planning your day
  • How to display your calendar in a different view based on specific appointments or meetings
  • How to display more than one time zone on your calendar when you have clients in different parts of the country or world

* Outcomes based on the program you select.

“Laura's knowledge and expertise on the function and use of Outlook far exceed any book or workshop I have attended. Laura presents the material in a usable manner and shows patience to all in the room. She is a top notch trainer. I highly recommend anyone using Outlook to take her course and find out all of the hidden treasures of the program.”

Michele Catoire - The Legacy Group

“Laura’s knowledge of the vast capabilities of Outlook was amazing. I learned more from her in 30 minutes about organizing within Outlook than I had been able to figure out on my own in 10 years.”

Kevin Howard – The Howard Group, Inc.