Hi, I’m Laura.

Let’s get to work on a work life that works for you. 

I've mastered the art of


so you don't have to.

…But it didn’t happen overnight.

  • Trained dozens of companies, government entities, and organizations to increase employee productivity and organization.
  • Presented to audiences across the United States on technology, workplace organization, and time management.
  • 25+ years consulting and coaching professionals and executives on productivity and organization.
  • 10+ years of project management and business process consulting for software companies and consulting firms.
  • Certified in organization, productivity, coaching, and time management.


Associations & Awards

It’s not simply about becoming organized and more productive…

It’s about what completely customized productivity and organization can do for your whole life.

Here’s why I do what I do:

You’re a high-performing professional and the world needs your expertise. You work hard to achieve success in your career, and the world needs what you have to offer. You’re doing everything right… mostly.

The problem is, you’re constantly feeling one (or 20!) steps behind. The endless cycle of interruptions, emails, meetings, and unexpected curve balls make you feel stuck in a tangled mess of things that are stealing your time, energy, and focus.

No matter how hard you work, which strategies you try, or mindset you adopt, you keep coming up short of the level of success you want to achieve. Your vision stays just out of reach, and you often wonder, “Why isn’t this working?

You feel exhausted, discouraged, and quite frankly ashamed things are holding you back.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the systems, tools, and solutions that were supposed to organize your life, you’re not alone. No one is born knowing how to have it all together. It’s not even something we’re taught! But you shouldn’t stifle your potential by staying stuck in a cycle that simply doesn’t work.

It’s okay that you don’t know how to do this, because you just found somebody who does.

I’m Laura Leist, and I’m the go-to source for sustainable organization and productivity solutions. Through coaching, consulting, training, and speaking, I help high-performing people organize their lives and enhance their productivity.

I’ve mastered these techniques through an education in management information systems and 25+ years trading chaos for productivity for professionals and executives. 10+ years of project management and business process consulting for software companies and consulting firms means I have these strategies “down to a science,” but make them accessible and flexible enough to be customized to any situation. Even yours.

Here’s how you’ll do it:

First, we’ll talk about the challenges you're experiencing and the pain points we need to solve. Then you can take a deep breath because I’m going to find a solution that finally fixes it for good. I can coach you through it, or get in there and do it for you. I can even train your team for the biggest impact. And finally, you can get back to doing the work you were born to do with a productivity system that makes your complex life feel a whole lot more manageable.

Peace is possible

when productivity is designed with your life in mind.

Schedule a meeting with me so we can talk about the challenges you’re facing. Together we’ll find a path forward so you can stop watching your potential be stifled, and start seeing it flourish instead.

You can count on me to

Make it easy.

I know this can seem overwhelming. I promise it’s going to feel much easier than you thought, and you’ll be so glad you reached out.

Make it make sense.

Under no circumstance will I further complicate your life. We’ll work to create solutions that work for you.

Make it work.

You’ll get better results, peace of mind, and finally have total control.

When I’m not speaking, coaching, consulting, or training high performing individuals to reach their full potential…

…you’ll likely find my husband Rob and me at home in Redmond, Washington, surrounded by our four legged children. Then again, you may not catch us there either, because we love to travel. Our top two destinations are Maui (where we were married on the well ordered date of 9-10-11!), and our 10+ acre vineyard in Eastern Washington. In fact, the next time you slather your favorite brand of grape jelly on toast, you may be enjoying a little piece of that vineyard too!
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Explains WHYExplains HOWOffers SOLUTIONSGuides PROCESS
Talks TO ClientsTalks WITH clientShares WITH ClientLISTENS to Client
Motivates Clients to ACTShares specific SKILLS with clientInforms CLIENT what to do as the content expertGuides CLIENT as the content expert
Discusses IssuesTeaches how to fix specific issuesGives expert advice to solve issuesAsks what issues need to be solved to reach goals
Talks 80% to 100% of the time in the relationshipTalks 50% to 80% of the time in the relationshipTalks 50% to 70% of the time in the relationshipListens 70% to 80% of the time in the relationship
Plants seedsWaters the gardenRuns your garden for you or shows you their gardening systemLays out a process to help you develop the garden you want