What does Medical Information and Cyber Security Have in Common?


You’re probably wondering why on earth I even asked this question. It’s both “Organize Your Medical Information Month” and “National Cyber Security Awareness Month.” There is a reason why I am tying these two note-worthy months together. [more]

Inbox 0 vs. Inbox 27,329 - Which Camp Do You Belong To?

July 2023

During a recent Outlook training session, I did for an organization, I showed the following sign and asked, “which camp are you in?”
By show of hands, there were quite a few that strive for Inbox Zero, several, with thousands of e-mails in their inbox, and most of the group of 50 were somewhere in the middle.
While I’ve taught Outlook and e-mail management for over two decades, you might be happy to know that I don’t subscribe to the idea of Inbox Zero.
On the other hand, I also don’t subscribe to Inbox 27,329 – or whatever that number is – in the thousands on the lower left side of your Outlook screen.
Instead, my rule of thumb is this…[more]

Time Management Month

February 2023

You can’t “manage” time. How you choose to use your time has a direct correlation to the systems and processes you use at work or at home which allows you to be more productive with the use of your time. You must be prepared to expect the unexpected – which usually means you need to shift your focus for how you had “planned” to use your time. [more]

Get Organized and Be More Productive Month

January 2023

Did you know that the month of January is "Get Organized and Be More Productive Month?" Yes indeed - an entire month for you to consider what you might do differently this year to be more productive and organized and how you will achieve your goals for the year. Each year, (except for 2020 and 2021 - thank you COVID) Rob and I go away for a week - where we can focus on the future - instead of focusing on the daily operations of Eliminate Chaos and working with our clients. [more]