Getting Organized and Being More Productive with Laura Leist

Host: Paul D. Casey

  • 5:00: Learn how e-mail templates will save you hours of time
  • 6:26: The one small change you can make to your Outlook instead of saying “see my comments in red below.”
  • 15:29: OneNote: what it is and how you can benefit
  • 18:09: How to set up digital OneNote notebooks
  • 19:41: Tagging information in OneNote to search later – a very powerful technique
  • 21:00: Creating a “conference” notebook – sections for various conferences and how Laura save notes and other documents/handouts
  • 29:08: ADD and decision making
  • 36:11: Doing what is on your “to-do” list vs. what is most important
  • 40:00: Be decisive; the world is full of flat squirrels who could not make a decision
  • 41:25: The link between boundary setting and productivity
  • 45:24: Organizing your workspace to enhance productivity
  • 46:29: What a “Daily Action Center” (DAC) is and what you need at your fingertips
  • 47:43: I need to organize my office: what does that mean? Stuff? Paper? Digital Information? Physical Stuff? Time Management? This is all discussed in Laura’s book: Eliminate the Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity

Can You Ever be Over Organized? with Laura Leist

Host: Deborah Johnson

  • 8:18:  Task Management Systems
  • 16:12:  Step 1 is to Make Time
  • 20:21:  Digital Files
  • 24:01:  How to Use a Digital Notebook
  • 24:28:  Digital Notebooks
  • 33:31:  Emergency Access
  • 38:06:  Use the E-mail Template Feature to Send Information You Send Often that Never Changes

Eliminate the Chaos at Work: Working More Productively

Host: Annie Jennings

  • You wrote in your book – Eliminate the Chaos at Work – that there are 4 areas of the office to consider when trying to organize or work more productively. What are those?
  • Most people think of clutter as a visual clutter. But you say that the invisible forms of clutter are what rob people of being productive and profitable. What do you mean?
  • What is one mistake that a business owner makes when trying to get organized?
  • What is one technology mistake small business make in deciding what technology to use for their organization?
  • If our listeners could put one new system in place, that could save time employees time, what would you recommend?

How to stay productive during COVID with ways that big CEOs use to get big wins.

Host: Thalia Toha

  • 5:04:  How wanting to get away with computers can create an amazing business.
  • 5:24:  Why home office is more important than you think.
  • 7:04:  Top mistakes and problems about working from home.
  • 8:09:  Why being productive is more than just getting organized.
  • 8:40:  The top 4 areas of your home office that you can’t ignore in order to be productive.
  • 9:30:  How to kill overwhelm and decided what is most important that can create massive wins.
  • 10:07:  What open floor plan and our mobile devices have anything to do with getting things done.
  • 10:48:  The life-changing power of paperless.
  • 14:39:  How to create systems that run for you, instead of you running for your business.
  • 15:22:  Why you fall off the wagon and how to prevent walking away from amazing systems you create.
  • 16:54:  How to keep a balanced mindset for the shiny object syndrome.
  • 18:27:  How to get an all-in-one way to organize things and get things done, and what to do if you can’t have one thing organize everything.
  • 19:35:  Top mistakes to avoid if you want to stay productive.
  • 20:52:  How to pull massive levers on your progress by reviewing.
  • 23:23:  The secrets of adapting and adopting new ways to stay productive with a new lifestyle.
  • 25:20:  What personal time off and retreats can do to create massive changes in your life. Learn more about Laura on https://www.lauraleist.com/.